Crisis at the Border

After the July 4 holiday, President Obama will ask Congress for emergency funds to respond to the large influx of migrant children at our Southern border.  He will also ask for authorization to speed up the screening and deportation of young migrants.  It isn't clear at this point how the emergency funding will be used or how the government will speed up processing for children, but it's important for the government to provide immigration officers who are sensitive to the needs and problems of child migrants, ensure that processes are fair and humane, and maintain its focus on the best interest of the child.  There is a humanitarian crisis at the border, and the Obama administration should not give in to politics and implement reactionary and defensive policies in order to maintain its "tough-on-enforcement" reputation.  After all, many of the children who are seeking admission have witnessed or been victim to violence, been abandoned or abused by their parents, are traumatized or depressed or fearful, and/or qualify for immigration relief under the existing legal framework.    

You can write your Congressional representatives/senators and tell them that you want humane, child-centric, and thoughtful policies in response to the crisis at the border!  Find your Representatives/Senators here and here.