Asylum provides relief for non-citizens who are afraid to return to their countries because of specific reasons, such as race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group.    The Law Office of Shuting Chen is ready to assist you with applications with asylum, as well as with applications for withholding of removal or relief under the Convention Against Torture.  We also provide help with credible fear and reasonable fear interviews.   


Deportation Defense

It is daunting to face deportation from the United States.  Non-citizens who are in deportation proceedings must decide what type of application to submit, how to gather evidence, how to deal with the government attorneys on the other side, how to present the best case possible before an immigration judge, etc.  The Law Office of Shuting Chen can guide you through this complicated and difficult process, submit applications for relief, prepare you for each hearing, and help you present the best case possible.  

Green Cards

Non-citizens can get green cards through many ways.  For example, a green card can be obtained through a family member, an employer, an approved U visa, an approved special immigrant petition, etc.  A green card can also be obtained either in court or through U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.  Let the Law Office of Shuting Chen help you sort through the process and put together the best possible application.   


Applying for citizenship can be a serious challenge, especially for non-citizens with language barriers or criminal records.  But even if you don't have these problems and are ready to apply, the process can be complicated.  We handle all aspects of citizenship and naturalization -- let us make the process easier for you! 

Immigration Applications

Besides green card, citizenship, and asylum applications, there are many other types of immigration applications, including Special Immigrant Juvenile Status applications, Violence Against Women Act applications, deferred action for childhood arrivals (DACA), and U visa applications, just to name a few.  The Law Office of Shuting Chen can evaluate your eligibility for relief, put together your applications, and guide you through the process.  



When non-citizens lose their cases before immigration judges, they can appeal their cases to the Board of Immigration Appeals or the Federal Courts of Appeals, where the immigration judges' decisions are reviewed.  This is an often daunting and complex process that requires thorough legal research and an intimate knowledge of the law.  The Law Office of Shuting Chen can help you navigate through this process, conduct research, draft and submit briefs, and explain the law to you in a clear and understandable way.